World panorama



Andy: A Dog’s Tale

USA, 2022, 07:31


Director: Jamy Wheless

Script: John Kelly

Production: Jamy Wheless, Jeanine Konopelski



Andy is an uplifting story of how one puppy overcomes a series of obstacles to find his purpose in life and become a service dog.




Azerbaijan, 2023, 09:19


Director: Nazrin Aghamaliyeva

Script: Nazrin Aghamaliyeva, Roman Balayan

Production:  ANIMAFILM Studio



In a world ruled by crows and discrimination, a young girl decides to fight for justice.



The Song of Flying Leaves / Trchox terevneri ergy

Armenia, 2023, 12:37


Director: Armine Anda

Script: Armine Anda, Ismail Iman

Music: Miqayel Voskanyan

Production: Hoshkee Film



A journey to a dream through an encounter between Suna, a twelve-year-old girl who uses leaves as a blanket, and an old man who possesses secret knowledge. A reflection on friendship between a father and a daughter, a teacher and a student, an adult and a child, and the path that can turn the impossible into possible...



Dog Days

Netherlands, 2022, 02:15


Director: George Hampshire

Script: George Hampshire, Milo Cremer Eindhoven

Music: Tessa Rose  Jackson, Darius Timmer

Production: Submarine



A young man clings to the last remaining piece of his relationship: his ex girlfriend’s beloved sausage dog. At first his inability to let go helps him cope with his broken heart, while creating havoc in the city. But this takes a turn when the sausage dog starts to alienate him from the rest of the world.



Morning Joy

USA, 2022, 07:37


Director: John Henry Hinkel

Script: Ethan D. Pakchar

Music: Ethan D. Pakchar

Production: Talesgate Animation, Amorivant



A recently widowed pianist has an unexpected encounter.



Let's be friends

Netherlands, 2022, 05:26


Director: Arno Coenen, Rodger Werkhoven



Synthetic actors, generated with DALL•E 2, explain the differences between ‘traditional’ 3D-animated characters and them, AI-generated actors, as well as how artificial intelligence will affect acting careers in general soon.



First Aid/Premiers secours

France, 2023, 07:06


Director: Borislav Sajtinac

Production: Hélène Sajtinac



You are never better served than by yourself.



The Record

Switzerland, 2022, 08:38


Director: Jonathan Laskar

Script: Jonathan Laskar

Animation: Jonathan Laskar, Sébastien Godard

Music: Jonathan Laskar

Sound Design: Carlos Ibanez Diaz

Production: Punched Paper Films



An antique musical instrument dealer obsessively plays a magical vinyl record that “reads your mind and plays your lost memories.” Even the forgotten ones.



Golden Headacher

Finland , 2022, 17:00


Director: Niina Suominen

Script: Niina Suominen

Music: Risto Ylihärsilä

Production: Force Majeure Films



An experimental animation documentary about women’s hate and aggression and the culturally sanctioned ways to express or suppress these uneasy feelings. The film was created by animating textile and décor waste and beautiful glossy pictures of children that were popular in Scandinavia in the last century. The work brings to the fore the irritation and exhaustion felt by women and the thoughts often left unsaid outside the walls of home, as well as reflecting on the remorse and the shame felt after the bursts of anger.