Student Competition Program 3 and 4




Vulvine the queen of ecstasy / Vulvine Reine d'Extase

France, 2022, 07:35


Director: Clémence Andre, Nawel Bahamou, Ming Chieh Chang, Théo Guyot, Mary Yanko

School: Gobelins


A Queen languishing in a desert kingdom falls in love with Death with whom she begins a carnal relationship. This morbid union becomes an obsession for her; an obsession that will lead the Queen to her end…




France, 2022, 05:32


Director: Théo Desharbes, Léa Monnot

School: Atelier de Sèvre


Hades, master of hell, is awakened by his hunger. He goes to the earth’s surface in search of his food ; the souls of the dead.



Tug of War Within

Serbia, 2023, 04:24


Director: Aleksa Pašić

School: Faculty of Applied Arts


The black and blue entities that represent our destructive and creative sides, doubts, insecurities, self-belief and self-confidence clash within us.



Chopping Wood Chips

United Kingdom, 2022, 03:23


Director: Rita Ataide Novais, Alize Sotelo

School: University of the Arts London, London College of Communication


What’s an IKEA table breaking point at the weight of a crumbling friendship? A cubist short about two friends, a lost table and its replacement.



Rotten Child / Rotkind

Netherlands, 2022, 07:42


Director: Anej Golčar

School: Willem de Kooning Academy


Sixty-something Harold still lives with his aged mother Hendrina and it is far from snug: the embittered mother puts her passion for vases above the love of her son and is very reproachful. This has made Harold believe he depends on her and is unable to make autonomous decisions. But then he hears another sound coming through the wall: the neighbors’ rebellious, recalcitrant adolescent son and this awakens Harold's desire to express himself too. Shortly after, his mother dies. What does this do to Harold?



Under The Endless Sky

Ukraine, 2022, 04:00


Director: Alexandra Dzhiganskaya

School: University of Applied Arts Vienna


“Our memories play an important role in the construction of identity and self-awareness. My childhood memories have acquired a special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory. My childhood in Ukraine was different and I want to share it with the audience in the form of an animated short. In the film I tell a personal story about my childhood memories and explore how memories are preserved and why they have a special meaning for people.”




Serbia, 2023, 00:48


Director: Katarina Kovjanić

School: Akademija umetnosti Novi Sad


Visually represents how it feels living with heart arrhythmia, like an endless self-destructive rave. Looped, colors change in the rhythm of music, creating a psychedelic atmosphere on a pulsating heart. Heart and brain never stop suffering.




France, 2022, 07:57


Director: Raoul FAURE

School: Atelier de Sèvre


The first years of Marcel’s life are very happy. He lives in maternal love, until Sophie’s birth. There, Marcel plunges into a spiral of loneliness and sadness.



A close shave / O mały włos

Poland, 2023, 01:17


Director: Zuzanna Zofia Heller

School: Łódź Film School


While shaving their legs, a certain person discovers a world about which they had no idea before.




Germany, 2022, 06:47


Director: Hagar Faibish

School: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


The isolation of a character from his dystopian world and a fusion with a virtual world of television. While trying to purchase a key that promises escape from his dreary outside world and free his mind, the character loses touch with his outer world bit by bit and diffuses with a TV program.



The long rain / La longue pluie

France, 2023, 05:08


Director: Cassandre Léonard

School: Émile Cohl


A continual rain falls on the jungle of mold in which Mérove has crashed. In search of a shelter, waterspouts and increasingly intrusive mushrooms will put the endurance of the astronaut to the test.



Oliver the Giant / Oliver, az óriás

Hungary, 2023, 08:14


Director: Júlia Lantos

School: Budapest Metropolitan University


Oliver, the giant, lives on a little planet. In his perception, the whole world is his playground,

where he can do what he wants. While he is living his trivial life, the little humans become

preoccupied with another matter of greatest importance: building a sun clock so they can

connect with the universe. This fully disturbs Oliver's life. Starting with the growling sound of

the universe, the appearance of a big shadow, he recognize his own pettiness, feels doomed,

and throws himself into space.



The Dog’s Leash / La Bride

Belgium, 2022, 03:48


Director: Nicolas Piret

School: ENSAV La Cambre


The bell tower rings and the birds fly away.

In the countryside on the outskirts of a small village, a dog tied to a very long rope, watches them disappear in the horizon.

It’s time for him to go;

Prance across fields;

How far will his rope allow him to go?



Above the clouds / Felhők felett

Hungary, 2022 13:32


Director: Vivien Hárshegyi

School: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design


A young girl suddenly finds herself in love again. When she comes to realize this, she has to run away. A vortex takes her down to her past, where she has the opportunity to free her heart if she reinterprets the hell of her first love experience.






France, 2022, 06:18


Director:  Célia Sebbane

School: Atelier de Sèvres


Patopistou is a jester who dreams of becoming a famous and respected sculptor.




Norway, 2022, 04:00


Director: Alicia Frøy Johnsen

School: University for the Creative Arts


Follow a runner through a stressfully average shift as she waits for not so average news that could lead her away from a life of dirty tables, shellfish platters and noisy patrons.



Breaking the ice

Croatia, 2023, 03:28


Director: Tara Klepac

School: Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb


Two seemingly different characters meet in an unusual way in a snowy desert. The destined meeting changes the lonely character’s life completely – he is alone no more. By working together, they conquer many obstacles and finally live together in the snowy desert which doesn’t look as empty as before.



Beyond Visible

Serbia, 2023, 10:15


Director: Dana Vukajlović

School: Faculty of Applied Arts


Four people are making a traditional print. They are working on different phases and techniques in printmaking and are so immersed in the process that they are each in their own imaginary place, overcoming different obstacles in order to make an artwork.



The Beating Sead / A Semente Que Palpita

Portugal, 2022, 04:34


Director: asa ( Marta Ribeiro ), Alice do Carmo, Laura Pires, Tiago Pimenta

School: Universidade do Algarve


Two energies that exchange glances, yield to a passion that vibrates in harmony. Both are transmuted, revealing themselves as witnesses that with a gesture of love it is possible to deserve the world.




Serbia, 2023, 06:00


Director: Lidija Zeljić

School: Faculty of Applied Arts


A story about two rabbits in which one spoils the peace of the other, but who is really to blame?




United Kingdom, 2021, 06:40


Director: Hwanyi Kim

School: Royal College of Art


The film is about a girl who has social anxiety. She suffers from a mental disorder called “Scopophobia” - the fear of making eye contact with others.

She is trying to overcome fear from the past and, in that way, figure out the trigger point. Her symptom is unusual but the events that cause her to feel fear could happen to all of us at any time.

The film conveys a message to people who are suffering from social anxiety as well as people around them that social anxiety is common and it could happen to anyone. It is important to get to know the unheard.



The Loop / Brimkata

Bulgaria, 2022, 06:00


Director: Elena Delcheva

School: New Bulgarian University


A young woman who always strives to be perfect at everything, finds a little loop in her sweater and her day goes to hell.



The Current

Germany, 2023, 04:15


Director: Julia Alena Schneider

School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


THE CURRENT metaphorically portrays how a perfectionist with low self-esteem can experience criticism of his creative work: While various points of criticism are enumerated during a feedback session, a small rabbit sinks deeper and deeper into a self-destructive thought vortex of self-doubt and misinterpretation.




Serbia, 2023, 04:25


Director: Darija Lazić

School: Faculty of Applied Arts


Two drunks are sitting at the bar in a tavern. The waitress serves them drinks. While drinking, they start competing to see who can drink more. Their competition becomes chaotic.



The Juggler’s Guide

Estonia, 2023, 03:26


Director: Rebeka Kruus

School: Estonian Academy of Arts


A talented juggler's life takes a sudden twist when his treasured juggling balls are stolen. Determined to retrieve his cherished possessions, he embarks on an adventure, aided by acrobatic rabbits, dancing frogs and some shocking truths about his own existence.



This will not be a festival film

Poland, 2022, 08:00


Director: Julia Orlik

School: Polish National Film School in Łódź


A tale of a girl who studied animation and spent four years without a day of vacation.

An animated short about a film school student who is working on her graduation film.