1.0. Introduction

  • 1.1. Festival Balkanima is a European Animated Film Festival. It is held every year in the first week of October in organization of Academic Film Center – Students’ City Cultural Center and under auspices of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia and Ministry of Culture and Information Republic of Serbia.
  • 1.2. Goal of the festival is presenting authors (short) animated films from European continent, with the focus on animation from Balkan region.
  • 1.3. Festival Balkanima 2021 will be held from 5th till 10th of October 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia (due to situation with pandemic it may be held online).
  • 1.4. Festival has three competition programs:
    • -short animated film (maximum length 20 minutes)
    • -student animated film (film school work or a diploma work)
    • -animated film for children
  • 1.5. Films which are not selected by selection committee for competition programs can be presented in a non-competition program Panorama.

2.0. Application

  • 2.1. Eligibility is open for animation of European production which are not longer than 20 minutes, made by frame by frame technique, computer animation and combination of live footage and animation where complete part of live footage doesn't exceed 50% of complete film length.
  • 2.2. Films must be produced after 1st January 2020 to be eligible for festival. Author can submit more than one film as they correspond with rules and regulations.
  • 2.3. For submitting and presenting films festival doesn't charge or pay fees.
  • 2.4. All submitted films stays in festival archive for a research of history and theory of animation.
  • 2.5. Online entry form can be found on our site, and on the online platform
  • 2.6. Deadline for submitting films is 18th July 2021.
  • 2.7. Films need to be exclusively sent over preview link, which must be valid till 31st August 2021. Films which are sent over link for download won’t be taken in consideration for selection.
  • 2.8. For more info you can contact us on e-mail address
  • 2.9. All films must have English subtitles except if English is not main language of the film.

3.0. Juries and selection committee

  • 3.1. Juries and selection committee are composed of domestic and foreign experts and teachers from the field of animation, film and other visual art disciplines.
  • 3.2. Jury of main competition program consists of three members. Jury of student competition program consists of three members. Jury of Serbian competition program has one member. Children’s Jury is delegated by Children’s Cultural Center in Belgrade.
  • 3.3. Selection committee consists of three or five members, which are part of the festival team.
  • 3.4. Decisions of the selection committee will be announced latest on 5th September 2021. All authors, producers and distributors which films are selected for the programs will be notified over e-mail with the instructions for screening copy. Decisions of the selection committee are indisputable.

4.0. Festival Awards

  • 4.1. The amount of cash prizes is decided by the organizer, depending on the financial means and budget for each individual edition of the festival.
  • 4.2. Official awards granted by Jury of main competition program:
    • - Grand Prix Award for the best film of the festival
    • - Award for the best regional (Balkan) film
    • - Special mentions (diplomas)
  • 4.3. Official awards granted by Jury of student competition program:
    • - Award for the best student film
    • - Award for the best Serbian student film
    • - Special mentions (diplomas)
  • 4.4. Official awards granted by Jury of Serbian competition program:
    • - Award for the best domestic (Serbian) film
    • - Special mention (diploma)
  • 4.5. Official award granted by Children’s Jury:
    • - Award for the best film for children (diploma)
  • 4.6. Organizer decides on all amendments and changes of the Festival edition. Authors, producers and distributors who have submitted films for selection have accepted these Festival Regulations.