Rastko Ćirić, author of animated films, visual and musical artist, professor and collaborator of Balkanima since the festival was founded in 2004, will present his latest project of a short animated film, which was screened at several world festivals and won few awards, together with a team that was in charge for the production of the film. In addition to the screening of the film and trailer, a short making-of about the creation of "Lights and Shadows" will be shown.

Lights & Shadows
Serbia, 2020, 10.23

Director: Rastko Ćirić

Script: Rastko Ćirić

Animation: Iva Ćirić

Music: Nebojša Ignjatović

Sound: Svetolik Mića Zajc
Executive producers: Iva Ćirić, Milan Stojanović

Production: SENSE Production

The main heroes are the hands of the author or a spectator. The right hand is a man and the left (wrong) is the devil. Devil offers three eternal human wishes: Passion, Power, and Knowledge. The HAND is a symbol of human creativity, and the SHADOW is a very deep poetical, magical and metaphysical phenomenon. The hands are creators, but the shadows carry the characters and emotions.