Panorama 1



The Benefactors / Les Bienfaiteurs /

Switzerland, 2022, 08.49

Director: Christophe Lopez-Huici

Production: Nadasdy Film

A weary young man thinks he found the perfect patrons for his rickshaw tours, but he soon finds out that his new customers can be very demanding.


Whatever moves is alive / Ce qui bouge est vivant /

Belgium, 2022, 11.05

Director: Noémie Marsily

Production: Zorobabel

While slugs wander across the kitchen floor, Noémie draws up her self-portrait, shifting and fragmented, on the edge between the intimate and the hubbub of the world.


The Sausage Run

Germany, 2021, 09.45

Director: Thomas Stellmach

Production: Thomas Stellmach Animation, EPEIOS Productions

The roles of the humans and animals are exchanged. The human characters in the film are depicted as anthropomorphous animals. The animal in the story, the big bad wolf, is here a human being.


Terra Incognita

Denmark, 2021, 20.00

Director: Pernille Kjaer, Adrian Dexter

Production: Ikki Films, Insolence Productions, Sun Creature

Terra Incognita follows life on a mysterious island, inhabited by immortal beings that live in an unbroken chain of eternity, but eternity is a simple illusion broken only by death, nothing changes does.