Exhibition 2


Good morning! To no one

Andrea Novićević presents the continuation of the exhibition entitled "Good morning! To no one".

Spontaneous narrative of drawing as a basic medium of artistic creation that communicates directly with the viewer on a deeper emotional level. The words and drawings share with the audience a common thread of everyday emotional raptures. Exploring the horizons of her mind, Andrea projects the world inside and around her through a personal prism. The drawing stands out as the main channel of communication with the audience with a touch of slightly ironic narrative. A graphic display of introspection through a visual dialogue, with the hope that you will join in a bit.

Acting engaged and aware of the everyday life observed by Andrea Novićević, she clearly strives for direct communication with the audience through the nurturing of an ironic narrative, еmphasizing drawing as a basic way of raw communication. Presenting herself under the pseudonym Djisus, she emphasizes the banalization of two terms in the desire to create an intrapersonal moment, which will lead the viewer to identify with the presented work. Born in 2000 in Belgrade, she is a student at the Faculty of Applied Arts. She has won numerous accolades in the field of art and graphics with her prominent minimalist style of creativity. She is an active participant in numerous international and regional competitions. This is her second solo exhibition, presented as a continuation of the first one, entitled "Good morning! To no one".