Exhibition 1



makedonski animirani film

Exhibition of artifacts and film projection of short animated films created in the period from 1971 – 1991 from the pioneers and significant artist of the Macedonian animated film: Petar Gligorovski, Darko Marković, Boro Pejčinov, Delcho Mihajlov, Afrodita Marković, Mice Jankulovski, Slavoljub Ignjatović, Miroslav Grchev and Milutin Roganović.

feniks storibord

Through the chronology of the Macedonian animated film, we follow the development of civic, national consciousness, critical opinion, and reflection of society. Commentary and vision, the authors participate in the public discourse with topics that are still relevant today. That is exactly why the Macedonian animated film deserves to receive real appreciation and find its place as an integral part of the Macedonian cultural heritage, inspiring a new generation of authors.”

Ivan Ivanovski

Ivan Ivanovski, born in 1983, graduated in sculpture at FLU. Skopje in 2008 and in 2013 he completed the Academic Program for Film Directing at FAMU, Czech Republic. Until now, he has realized more than 20 solo exhibitions (Skopje, Kumanovo, Gevgelija, Belgrade, New York, Ljubljana, Berlin...) and several group exhibitions (Nottingham, Rome, Amsterdam, Pristina...). Works sculptures, drawings, installations, paintings, video, film and animation. He is the author of the "Bird People" sculptures in the City Park in Skopje. He has been working on an animated film since 2007, and in 2009 he makes his first professional animated film "Inside", followed by "Popular Front 12" in 2012, "Conzo" in 2015, "Form B16" in 2018 and "Jadica" 2020. His animated films have been presented (some awarded) at various regional and international film festivals. He is the winner of the "Denes" award for a young visual artist in 2014. At the moment he is working on his short animated films – Bureaucrat stories and Nowhereness.