Competition Program of Films for Children 2



Lost Brain

Switzerland, 2023, 06:31


Director: Isabelle Favez

Production: Nadasdy Film


One day, Louise the crocodile, accidentally sneezes her brain out. To top it all off, it even escapes! This suddenly makes it difficult for Louise to perform the simplest tasks and nothing works out anymore.



Criss Cross

Slovakia, 2023, 07:59


Director: Nina Rybárová, Tomáš Rybár

Production: Simona Hrušovská



A short embroidered story about friendship and treason between a birdie, a baby goat and a fox. A baby goat helps an injured bird and they become friends. While wandering in the forest, they stick together through various adventures and have fun. Suddenly the goat ends up lonely and hurt. In between anger and sadness, there’s another attempt to build a friendship, this time between the goat and a fox. During a play, the baby goat gets stuck; and that’s when true friendship is tested.





Netherlands, 2023, 05:00


Director: Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani

Production: Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani


(Hi!) is the story of a little ADDer child. Her mom, who knows about her issue, writes something on her hand before getting on the school bus. The young child cannot analyze so much new information. So, she makes a paper doll of her mom to get back to her safe zone. Then a group of kids get on and play with a paper airplane. It sticks to the main character’s backpack accidentally. She runs away and hides behind the paper doll but it is trapped by accident when the group of kids want to pick up their toy. The child tries to stop them with her hand. At this moment we see the note on her hand, Hi!



Socks for the Star


Russian Federation, 2023, 09:30


Director: Olga Titova

Production: Biris Mashkovtsev


Dancing in cold space is dangerous, but close-knit friendship will keep you strong._




Denmark, 2023, 06:34


Director: Magnus Igland MØLLER, Peter SMITH

Production: Fleng Entertainment and Tumblehead production


Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Swineherd” as you have never seen it before! In this entirely goofy and funny version of H.C. Andersen's famous fairy tale "The Swineherd", we meet the young swineherd who sits and looks after the king's pigs. Even though it is Christmas, the boy and the pigs are bored in the pigsty. But whoa! Suddenly the boy remembers his magic pot. It can always start the antics. Soon he finds it, and then there is a party and trouble in the pigsty. When the Princess, who is just as bored, discovers the magic pot and the party it's throwing, she HAS to get hold of it. But the Swineherd doesn't just want to get rid of it, because maybe you could get a little kiss in return... Will the Swineherd get his kiss, will the Princess stop being bored, and will it ever be Christmas in the pigsty?




Austria, 2023, 03:01


Director: David Mathews



A day in the life of a fox.



To Be Sisters/ Entre deux soeurs

France, 2023, 07:20


Director: Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard

Production: Reginald de Guillebon


To be sisters is about sharing a special bond and laughing together. To be sisters is to be propelled by love. But these particular sisters share an extra something a bit different, and that’s absolutely fine..



Russian Federation, 2023, 03:48


Director: Anastasiya Lisovets

Production: Olga Granovskaya


A small girl and a small bird discover together the surrounded world and open the lyrics of prose.




Norway, 2023, 11:09


Director: Eirik Heggen

Production: Michal Podhradsky, Nicolas Schmerkin


Pinea is an animated short film that depicts the magical animal- and plant-life inside a mysterious forest, where nature's creative and destructive cycles are portrayed through fantasy and surrealism.