Competition Program of Films for Children 1



Mouse House


Slovenia, 2023, 08:30


Director: Timon Leder

Production: Jure Bizjak, Maja Zupanc, Polona Kumer


A gluttonous mouse traps himself in a cheese wheel while his starving friend stranded outside must contend with a hungry cat.



Let's uncork the fantasy

Italy, 2023 , 03:30


Director: Irene Tedeschi

Production: Istituto Comprensivo Nord 1 – Brescia


Over the years, the teacher Catia has collected hundreds of colored caps of all shapes and sizes. When the time came for her and her classes to make a stop-motion film, she had no doubts: our caps will come to life! Girls and boys have trained for a long time by creating and recreating complex characters using them as pieces of a mosaic. At the animation set, with concentration and seriousness, they gave life to those colorful scraps, creating an animated choreography.

Musical Socks

Croatia, 2023, 10:34


Director: Ana Horvat

Production: Igor Grubić, Kreativni sindikat


An extremely untalented bunny Darko takes singing lessons from Zvonko the cricket. Their lessons are a total failure. Both the teacher and the pupil are devastated. Željko the hedgehog brings a new perspective to the problem, turning Darko's flaws into advantages.


Before the Dark

Russian Federation, 2023, 02:37


Director: Pavel Pogudin, Maks Kulikov

Production: USUAA, Svetly Story


Twilight is the most enigmatic time of the day. The stones come to life a few minutes before nightfall on this shore. At the same time, the first stars appear in the sky.


Spin & Ella

Belgium, 2023, 07:05


Director: An Vrombaut

Production: Annemie Degryse


Ella is a spider fairy. She lives with her best friend Spider in Twig City, a busy forest that looks a bit like a metropolis. Ella has a magic wand that she can use to draw spider webs. But she can't do this on her own; she needs Spider’s help! The two are inseparable - literally because they are connected by a spider thread - until the moment Ella and Spider each want to draw a different picture. They’re both stubborn and turn their backs on each other. The spider thread breaks in two. Ella and Spider each go their separate ways and make spider web drawings on their own, but this doesn't work out too well. Ella becomes frustrated. To make matters worse, her magic wand goes haywire. It doesn’t take long before Twig City becomes a jumble of knots. Ella wants to clean up the tangled mess and starts to wind the spider thread into a tight ball, but this is a big chore... Meanwhile, Spider has started the pursuit of the runaway wand. He jumps on it, manages to get the wand under control and steers it towards Ella. Spider and Ella are reunited on top of a huge spider-thread ball.


A Tiny Voyage

France, 2023, 07:45


Director: Emily Worms

Production: Reginald de Guillebon, Nicolas Burlet


John sees an extraordinary sight: Titi, his parakeet opening the door to his own cage, all by himself! Yet the bird doesn’t fly away… So John decides to help Titi overcome his fears, as the pair set out on a tiny voyage.


Upside down

Latvia, 2023, 12:00


Director: Dace Rīdūze

Production: Māris Putninsh, Animacijas Brigade Studio


Andulis, the little bat, wakes up at the wrong time and discovers that he, unlike his fellow bats, loves sunlight and warmth. After making friends with Little Mouse who looks almost like him, Andulis is surprised to find out that unlike in the bats house everything is not upside down in Little Mouse’s house.



Russian Federation, 2023, 03:21


Director: Maria Afonina

Production: Boris Mashkovtsev



A story of one morning when Egor got lost.




The Goose

Czech Republic, 2023, 12:33


Director: Jan Mika

Production: Michal Podhradsky, Nicolas Schmerkin


A boy fantasizes about becoming a famous footballer, playing in big stadiums - but first he has to win a match in a small backyard against a goose.