Competition program 4



Russian Federation, 2023, 13:15


Director: Svetlana Andrianova

Script: Svetlana Andrianova

Animation: Svetlana Andrianova

Music and Sound design: Artem Fadeev

Production: School-Studio “SHAR”



Surreal, grotesque, and absurd film in the spirit of the Russian avant-garde based on the short stories of Daniil Kharms and inspired by the work of constructivists and suprematists.




Russian Federation, 2023, 6:10


Director: Ivan Arkhipov

Script: Ivan Arkhipov

Animation: Ivan Arkhipov

Sound design: Vladislav Levitskiy

Production: Ivan Arkhipov



Experience is something you've never done… The deeper you go, the more frightful this experience is…

Animation film reveals to the viewer the mystical moment of the intercession of the Great Mother for humanity before the power of doom. Animation made of metal plates and graphic prints in the art of drypoint engraving.



Love bubbles

Switzerland, 2023, 7:34


Director: Marcel Hobi

Script: Marcel Hobi

Animation: Joana Toste

Music:  Mario Batkovic

Sound design: Peter Braeker, Oscar van Hoogeves

Production: Looping Animations



Floating on a pink cloud as a couple is easy. It is much more difficult to cope with everyday life and the future together - an amusing relationship drama.



Almost Forgotten / Quase Me Lembro

Portugal, 2023, 9:07


Director: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima

Script: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima, Pedro Bastos

Animation: Carolina Bonzinho, Dimitri Mihajlovic, Leander Meresaar, Marta Andrade, Miguel Lima, Rozenn Busson, Teresa Baroet

Music: Hainbach

Sound design: Bernardo Bento, Pedro Marinho

Production: BAP - Animation Studio



A woman wanders through the impermanence of her childhood memories, trying to rebuild the story of the house where her grandfather lived.




Netherlands, 2023, 3:00


Director: Kim Spierenburg

Script: Kim Spierenburg

Animation: Kim Spierenburg

Music: Kim Spierenburg

Dizajn zvuka/Sound design: Pat Stewart

Production: Kim Spierenburg



Heartbeat is an ode to (new) life. Inspired by the sound of the violin that revives me. Heartbeat is about moving on and how making music is precious and should be cherished. As a disabled artist I have firsthand knowledge of the fragility of life. As a female artist, I intuitively express the themes of womanhood, the experience of womanhood, birth and the creation of life in this film.



Bright Souls

Russian Federation, 2022, 8:00


Director: Anastasiia Zhakulina

Script: Anastasiia Zhakulina

Animation: Anastasiia Zhakulina

Music: Sofia Petkevich

Sound design: Elena Nikolaeva

Production: Fireball LLC



Adapted from the short story of the same name by Vasily Shukshin. Heat, summer, countryside, harvest… Misha is a truck driver who's always off at work, transporting grain from faraway villages. His wife Yenya misses her husband terribly and craves love and attention. She is hurt when Misha swings by home and immediately starts tinkering with the truck. The dark summer night is so beautiful, and the time is running out to just be with each other.



Bientôt la Lumière

France, 2022, 4:24


Director: Thami Nabil, Hedi Nabil

Script: Thami Nabil, Hedi Nabil

Music: Mad Rey

Production: Miyu Productions, Red Lebanese, Studio X8



In a dystopian Paris, a young man tries to survive by selling drugs. Hunted by a rival gang, he goes on a roadtrip through the city.



Lost Kisses

Serbia, 2022, 8:37


Director: Marija Milanović Lazarevski

Script: Marija Milanović Lazarevski

Animation: Marija Milanović Lazarevski

Music:  Sonja Lončar, Andrija Pavlović

Sound design: Miki Todorović

Production: Media Global Agency


Film about transience, loss, with happy end.




Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2023, 3:45


Director: Mladen Đukić

Script: Mladen Đukić

Animation: Mladen Đukić

Music:  Katarina Shelehova

Sound design: Predrag Blagojević

Production: Aeon Production



Contemplating a conflict and its potential outcomes.



Margarethe 89

France, 2023, 18:00


Director: Lucas Malbrun

Script: Lucas Malbrun, Marie Larrivé

Animation: Morgan Curt, Hippolyte Cupillard, Jean-Baptiste Peltier, Charlie Belin, Jonas Schloesing, Daria Skripka, Yehor Bondarenko, Angelina Dorozhinskaia

Music:  Mael Oudin

Sound design: Quentin Romanet

Production: Eddy Production



Leipzig, 1989. Margarethe, a young punk opposed to the East German regime, is detained in a psychiatric hospital. She dreams of breaking out to join the man she loves - a punk musician named Heinrich. Though the regime's days may well be numbered, the Stasi informants are more present than ever.