Competition program 1



Misaligned / Koniunkcja


Poland, Latvia, 2022, 7:00


Director: Marta Magnuska

Script: Marta Magnuska

Animation: Marta Magnuska, Martins Dumins, Kristine Zvirbule

Sound: Michał Fojcik

Production: Animoon, Atom Art



The woman and the man are in a room, a gecko sits in a terrarium, several flies are circling a lamp. Gradually we find more and more dependencies and analogies between their activities and observed elements as the rhythm of their universes accelerates. The microcosms shown seem to interact rhythmically and belong to some cosmic order.




Serbia, 2023, 07:18


Director: Vuk Palibrk, Tanja Brzaković

Script: Tanja Brzaković

Animation: Vuk Palibrk

Music: Janja Lončar

Sound: Miloš Drobnjaković

Production: Talas Film



Animated film "Lupus in fabula" was inspired by a children's poem "Once Upon a Time there was a Lion", by a famous Serbian children's poet Dusko Radovic. Our hero, Wolf, is faced with existential problems of the modern age, dreaming of being more adapted, more secure and protected.



 An End to War Enough / A guerra finita

Italy, 2022, 04:43


Director: Simone Massi

Script: Simone Massi

Animation: Simone Massi

Music: Lorenzo Danesin

Production: Emergency



A world without war is another utopia that we cannot wait any longer.





France, 2022, 04:41


Director: Osman Cerfon

Script: Osman Cerfon

Animation: Quentin Marcault, Hippolyte Cupillard, Osman Cerfon, Martin Touzé

Sound: Arnaud Kalmes, Denis Vautrin

Production: Miyu Productions



Aaaah! is a cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, songs, grumbling, laughter, anger… Aaaah! is the expression with which children, these primary and innocent beings, experience life in a community, framed by the whistles of adults.



From one painting… to another / D’une peinture… à l’autre

Switzerland, France, 2023, 03:10


Director: Georges Schwizgebel

Script: Georges Schwizgebel

Animation: Georges Schwizgebel

Music: Atahualpa Yupanqui,  Roberto Aussel

Production: Studio GDS, Radio Télévision Suisse, Miyu Productions



An immersion in art through two paintings on the same subject created half a century apart.



Her Dress for the Final

Croatia, 2023, 08:45


Director: Martina Meštrović

Script: Martina Meštrović

Animation: Martina Meštrović, Marko Meštrović, Ivana Bošnjak

Sound: Iva Kraljević

Production: Kreativni sindikat



One day my granny dyed her wedding dress black. She wanted to be buried in it.



Beautiful Figures

Belgium, 2022, 04:00


Director: Soetkin Verstegen

Script: Soetkin Verstegen

Animation: Soetkin Verstegen

Sound: Magda Drozd

Production: Soetkin Verstegen



Thoughts ripple over the pages of a personal notebook, kept during a stay at different science labs in Zürich. They float from one to another, like a mind map of unfinished ideas on memory, medical imaging, cells, and aging.



Trace / Sleda

Bulgaria, 2022, 06:42


Director: Asparuh Petrov

Script: Asparuh Petrov

Animation: Asparuh Petrov

Music: Andrea Martignoni

Sound: Andrea Martignoni

Production: Compote Collective



A young writer dedicates his nights to hunting entangled phrases with his pen. The moment he is confronted with the pregnancy of his wife his world collapses. Lingering fears and painful memories overwhelm him and he needs to trace the missing piece.




Hungary, Romania, 2022, 14:17


Director: Balázs Turai

Script: Balázs Turai

Animation: Balázs Turai, Zoltán Koska, Dániel Bárány, Márton Szakonyi

Music: Benjamin Efrati

Sound: Péter Benjámin Lukács

Production: Boddah, Safe Frame



After losing his fiancée and his good looks in a freak accident, Clyde must confront his inner demon.