Additional Programme

Exhibition 1


makedonski animirani film

Exhibition of artifacts and film projection of short animated films created in the period from 1971 – 1991 from the pioneers and significant artist of the Macedonian animated film: Petar Gligorovski, Darko Marković, Boro Pejčinov, Delcho Mihajlov, Afrodita Marković, Mice Jankulovski, Slavoljub Ignjatović, Miroslav Grchev and Milutin Roganović.

feniks storibord

Through the chronology of the Macedonian animated film, we follow the development of civic, national consciousness, critical opinion, and reflection of society. Commentary and vision, the authors participate in the public discourse with topics that are still relevant today. That is exactly why the Macedonian animated film deserves to receive real appreciation and find its place as an integral part of the Macedonian cultural heritage, inspiring a new generation of authors.”

Ivan Ivanovski

Ivan Ivanovski, born in 1983, graduated in sculpture at FLU. Skopje in 2008 and in 2013 he completed the Academic Program for Film Directing at FAMU, Czech Republic. Until now, he has realized more than 20 solo exhibitions (Skopje, Kumanovo, Gevgelija, Belgrade, New York, Ljubljana, Berlin...) and several group exhibitions (Nottingham, Rome, Amsterdam, Pristina...). Works sculptures, drawings, installations, paintings, video, film and animation. He is the author of the "Bird People" sculptures in the City Park in Skopje. He has been working on an animated film since 2007, and in 2009 he makes his first professional animated film "Inside", followed by "Popular Front 12" in 2012, "Conzo" in 2015, "Form B16" in 2018 and "Jadica" 2020. His animated films have been presented (some awarded) at various regional and international film festivals. He is the winner of the "Denes" award for a young visual artist in 2014. At the moment he is working on his short animated films – Bureaucrat stories and Nowhereness.

Exhibition 2

Good morning! To no one

Andrea Novićević presents the continuation of the exhibition entitled "Good morning! To no one".

Spontaneous narrative of drawing as a basic medium of artistic creation that communicates directly with the viewer on a deeper emotional level. The words and drawings share with the audience a common thread of everyday emotional raptures. Exploring the horizons of her mind, Andrea projects the world inside and around her through a personal prism. The drawing stands out as the main channel of communication with the audience with a touch of slightly ironic narrative. A graphic display of introspection through a visual dialogue, with the hope that you will join in a bit.

Acting engaged and aware of the everyday life observed by Andrea Novićević, she clearly strives for direct communication with the audience through the nurturing of an ironic narrative, еmphasizing drawing as a basic way of raw communication. Presenting herself under the pseudonym Djisus, she emphasizes the banalization of two terms in the desire to create an intrapersonal moment, which will lead the viewer to identify with the presented work. Born in 2000 in Belgrade, she is a student at the Faculty of Applied Arts. She has won numerous accolades in the field of art and graphics with her prominent minimalist style of creativity. She is an active participant in numerous international and regional competitions. This is her second solo exhibition, presented as a continuation of the first one, entitled "Good morning! To no one".


THE CITY OF ANIMATION, a film about fifty years of Animafest

grad animacije

Director: Tiha K. Gudac
Editor: Hrvoje Mršić
Cameraman:  Alan Stanković
Croatia, 2022, 55.52

The documentary “The City of Animation" tells the story of 50 years of one of the most important animated film festivals in the world, the popular Zagreb Animafest. Founded in 1972, under the slogan "festival of authors for authors", in the wake of the cold bloc division of the world into East and West, in its half-century history, Zagreb's Animafest has managed to maintain not only the reputation of a world-class cultural manifestation, but also to retain the completely unique charm of a place of numerous meetings and dialogues. Launched thanks to the global reputation of the authors of the Zagreb School of Cartoon Film, established by the decisions of the International Animated Film Association ASIFA, the production company Zagreb Film and the City of Zagreb, the Zagreb Animafest takes place every year at the beginning of June and, together with the festivals in Annecy, Ottawa and Hiroshima, belongs to the circle of unmissable events on the calendar of the world animation community. The fact that the winners of Animafest's Grand Prix directly qualify for the prestigious Oscar of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the European Award for Animation certainly contributes to this.


Apart from those who founded, led and formed the festival, many local and foreign people are talking about the Zagreb Animafest, a co-production of HRT and Zagreb Film, the script for which was written by Paola Orlić, producer and curator of the festival, and Silvestar Mileta, historian and head of the festival's media office and authors including three Oscar winners.

Macedonian animated film

The program accompanying the exhibition of the same name is also a screening of the most important Macedonian short animated films, which were created in the period from 1971 to 1991.

1977, 10.00

Director: Darko Markovic


1976, 11.00

Director: Petar Gligorovski


1978, 07.00

Director: Boro Pejchinov

Homo screenicus

1977, 04.00

Director: Delcho Mihajlov

Black Flag

1980, 03.00

Director: Miroslav Grchev

1978, 03.00
Director: Mice Jankulovski

A demagogue

1982, 03.00
Director: Slavoljub Ignjatovic


1982, 03.00

Director: Milutin Roganovic

The Apartment

1987, 07.00

Director: Afrodita Markovic

Films of Eric Leiser 2016 -2022

Eric Leiser is an award-winning artist, experimental filmmaker, animator and holographer working in New York and born in California. An alumni of CalArts experimental animation program, he was mentored by program creator/filmmaker/animator Jules Engel. After graduating from CalArts, he was mentored by artist/filmmaker Jan Svankmajer in Prague, CZ. Eric creates intricate works of animated film, sculpture, holography and painting along with film installation integrating animation, painting, sculpture, holography and live performance. His most recent solo exhibitions include: Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam, The Horse Hospital Museum in London, The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, Galerie Entropia in Poland, MaRS Gallery in Los Angeles, Galerie du Haut Pave in Paris…


2022, 02.00

Anthropic Principle

2016, 04.00


2012- 2018, 02.00


2017, 04.00


2022 (2008), 02.00

Ambient Chaconne

2019, 09.00

Seraphim on the Go!

2021, 02.00

Dwell With Me

2018, 04.00

2020, 03.00

Santa Rosa

2021, 04.00


2017, 10.00


Rastko Ćirić, author of animated films, visual and musical artist, professor and collaborator of Balkanima since the festival was founded in 2004, will present his latest project of a short animated film, which was screened at several world festivals and won few awards, together with a team that was in charge for the production of the film. In addition to the screening of the film and trailer, a short making-of about the creation of "Lights and Shadows" will be shown.

Lights & Shadows
Serbia, 2020, 10.23

Director: Rastko Ćirić

Script: Rastko Ćirić

Animation: Iva Ćirić

Music: Nebojša Ignjatović

Sound: Svetolik Mića Zajc
Executive producers: Iva Ćirić, Milan Stojanović

Production: SENSE Production

The main heroes are the hands of the author or a spectator. The right hand is a man and the left (wrong) is the devil. Devil offers three eternal human wishes: Passion, Power, and Knowledge. The HAND is a symbol of human creativity, and the SHADOW is a very deep poetical, magical and metaphysical phenomenon. The hands are creators, but the shadows carry the characters and emotions.


As part of the Balkanima festival, a "Stop-motion magic" workshop will be held, which will reveal hidden "super powers" in the participants that only this technique can bring to life. A little talk and a lot of action: thinking and jumping, recording and finally, making sounds - rustling, babbling... not to reveal everything right away.

Those without any previous experience and knowledge are also welcome, we will chew everything to the smallest detail for such, only... they should still have at least that animator's nerve, nerve... in short - an animator's hint!

The Workshop's mentor is Miloš Tomić, author of animated films and music videos.