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Workshop: Sculpting technique of modeling characters, Stevan Živkov


Stevan Zivkov’s Workshop

Sculpting techniques of character modeling – How to handcraft your drawing model?

The mentor of the workshop, Stevan Zivkov, an expert in classical animation, will show the participants how to sculpt figures from biolin, paper and other handy and available materials, and then he will explain in which ways the figures can be used in the further process of creating an animated film.

The first phase of the workshop implies sculpting the figures based on the sketches brought by the participants. The participants will get familiar with the specific techniques of sculpting models for an animated film. The second phase of the workshop implies taking photos of figures for drawing a storyboard.

Figures can be used in classical 2D animation of drawings or 3D animation, depending on filming and arranging the phases. The results of the workshop will be exhibited on the last day of the festival.

All the workshop materials will be provided. The workshop will last for four days and it is envisioned for students of animation, authors, comic book illustrators…

The e-mail address for applications and information is: office@balkanima.org



Oct 01 2019


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Day 1,
Day 2,
Day 3,
Day 4


Studio 26
Studio 26, Dom Kulture "Studentski Grad", Belgrade, Serbia


  • Stevan Živkov
    Stevan Živkov

    STEVAN ŽIVKOV has graduated from the Graphics Department at the Academy of Applied Arts in Bucharest. He works in the field of animation, drawing and directing short films since the mid-1970s. He is the author of numerous awarded films, including Day and Night, Cookie and Bad Egg.
    His first film, The Diplomat, made in 1976, will be screened at this year’s edition of Balkanima within the presentation of DVD compilation Serbian Animated Film 2. This presentation will include the most significant Serbian animated films made in the 1970s.