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Program of Finnish Animation, Finnish animation collectives

”It was like an eight headed Hydra planning a story”, said our art director after one of the many scriptwriting meetings. If one mind can create a great film, what can several minds combined together achieve? Well, at least the result will be interesting. We used to call our collective project as a vicious human experiment. It was a joke of course. Partly.

Today, Finnish indie animation scene would be almost non-existent without the support of collectives. While animation studios mainly concentrate on commercial productions, collectives promote and develop animation as an art form. These artist based communities function as a supporting network for their members in different purposes. They enable an animator to make their living as a freelance artist and work independently on any project they are hired to. On the other hand they aim to improve the skills of animators as well as provide the tools and space for making non-commercial animation projects. These projects can be for example short films, music videos or art exhibitions.

The screening introduces the audience a collection of films from the members of four Finnish animation communities. Take a trip inside the collective and individual minds filled with punk attitude and creativity!

  • 100th Anniversary of Finnish Animation, WOW!
  • Summer in Helsinki
  • A Finnish Fable
  • Law of Nature #17: Spirit of Emptiness
  • Mother and Milk
  • Reminiscences
  • The Illustrated City
  • F I N K E L: w / o
  • Law of Nature #8: A Song in the Shower
  • Pink Phantom
  • Still Lives
  • Law of Nature #17: After the News
  • Wormhole


Oct 04 2019


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Day 4


Small Hall
Small Hall, Dom Kulture "Studentski Grad", Belrgade, Serbia