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Presentation of DVD editions: Serbian animated film 2 and Award-winning films from FPU, Rastko Ćirić


The twenty six animated films and miniatures selected for this disc, diverse in subjects, techniques, visual styles and approaches, represent all the periods of development of the Animation studio at the Faculty of Applied Arts, from the first attempts and experiments made within the Illustration lectures to mature author’s projects successful at international festivals. 4 out of 21 awarded films from this selection have won the Grand Prix at prestigious festivals. These four films make the program presenting this disc.

Within Serbian educational institutions, Faculty of Applied Arts has stepped into the field of animated films quite early, although Animation wasn’t formally a subject. Several students of the FAA made animated films in 1965, during the earliest period of Serbian animation. The first animated work made as an assignment at the FAA was the graduation work of a future professor Aleksandar Pajvancic (*1940), made in 1968 at the Department of Graphic Design lead by prof. Milos Ciric (1931 – 1999).

The continuous work of students of animations began only in 2006, when professor Rastko Ciric (*1955) established Animation as a subject, which is today a module. Animation at the FAA is based on drawing and painting, which are subjects representing the basic traditional values of the Faculty. Over the years, the studio has hosted a number of guest lecturers, including a few Oscar winners.

An important role in the studio was played by media theoretician Ranko Munitic (1943 – 2009) with two capital books: Comics Ninth Art (2006) and The Aesthetics of Animation (2007), both published as a part of the Signum edition by FAA.

The graduation work made withing the subject Illustration (200), Aleksa Gajic‘s comic Technotise, was the base for the first Serbian feature-length animated film Edit and I made by the same author, which premiered in 2009.

The disc contains a booklet with the history of animation at the FAA and detailed information about films.


  1. ON THE BRIDGE, Nikola Vitkovic, 2000, 2:06
  2. ISKON ANIME ÆTERNAM, Mihajlo Dragas, 2015, 14:06
  4. FLIPOSCOPE, Krunoslav Jovic, 2017, 4:50


Retrospective selection of animated films on this discs is the continuation of the selection presented on the disc SERBIAN ANIMATED FILM 1, which covers the earliest period of Serbian animation, until 1968. All the films from this selection have won important awards at animated film festivals.

At the end of the 1960s, the centre of Serbian animation moves from Belgrade to Novi Sad, with Neoplanta becoming the leading producer. Neoplanta‘s new film THE SOURCE OF LIFE (1969) was directed by Nikola Majdak (1927-2013) and Borislav Sajtinac (*1943), and told a sinister story with the visuals being inspired by Hristifor Zefarovic‘s 18th century engravings.

Sajtinac starts a series of author‘s films for Neoplanta, with only the first three of them being selected here – THE BRIDE and TEMPTATION (1971) and NOT EVERYTHING THAT FLIES IS A BIRD (1970), which both visually and narratively represent the most powerful opus of this period of Serbian animation.

Two films by Divna Jovanovic (1931-1991), FETISH (1971) and METAMORPHOSIS (1973), are the sequel to her experiments within the technique of cel painting and cel engraving.

The dark-humoured charade THE TIME OF VAMPIRES (1971) by Nikola Majdak is an introduction to the world of illustrator Dusan Petricic (*1946). The film came as the result of a co-production between Dunav Film from Belgrade and the famous Zagreb Film: the co-writer is a critic and media theoretician Rajko Munitic (1943-2009).

THE MAD SHIP (1974) and ANTIDOGMIN (1976) were selected as representative films from the rich opus of Zoran Jovanovic (*1938) from this period.

THE DIPLOMAT (1976) is the debut of yet another doyen of Serbian animation, Stevica Zivkov (*1951). With this film, produced by Panfilm, Zivkov opens“ another centre of animation in Serbia – Pancevo.

SHE (1976) is the second film by Vera Vlajic (*1947) in which She animates her personal feelings and thoughts. Her next film, IN THE ALLEY OF THE GREAT PEOPLE AND EVENTS (1977), will be based on the political cartoons by Zuka Dzumhur from the front pages of weekly issue of Politika.

The amusing miniature TARZAN (1977) by Zoran Cakuljevic (1943-1982) was awarded in Krakow and Zagreb.

We are highly grateful to the Yugoslav Film Archive and its manager Aleksandar Erdeljanovic. Just like with the first disk, all the films on this disc were taken from the Archive and were transferred directly from the 35mm film tape.


  1. NOT EVERYTHING THAT FLIES IS A BIRD, Borislav Sajtinac, Neoplanta Film, Novi Sad, 1970, 9:20
  2. THE TIME OF VAMPIRES, Nikola Majdak, Zagreb Film, Zagreb and Dunav Film, Belgrade, 1971, 9:05
  3. METAMORPHOSIS, Divna Jovanovic, Dunav Film, Belgrade, 1973, 4:15
  4. THE DIPLOMAT, Stevica Zivkov, Panfilm, Pancevo, 1976, 3:00
  5. IN THE ALLEY OF THE GREAT PEOPLE AND EVENTS, Vera Vlajic, Dunav Film, Belgrade, 1977, 8:35
  6. TARZAN, Zoran Cakuljevic, Dunav Film, Belgrade, 1977, 1:25


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