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Exhibition: Retrospective and perspective – Contemporary Serbian Animated

Contemporary Serbian animation – making of

This year, the audience will be able to get familiar with the process of creating four new animated films by domestic authors. The Big Gallery displays sketches, drawings, storyboard parts, visual and scenographic solutions for Transition, a film by Igor Coric, as well as for two films by Iva Ciric, Florigami and Meaning (as a part of the Radiovision project). The Small Gallery displays the process of creating Two Grimm Ravens, an animated film by Mihajlo Dragas.

A special showpiece is a “flip box“ with a 12-meter comic, which served as the base for From Hadrian to Humble Sophia, an animated film by Aleksa Gajic. Well-known characters from his feature-length animated film Edit & I will “welcome“ the audience at the Bistro Cafe.

Exhibition of animation festival posters from Serbia

All the Balkanima monsters have left the darkness of our archive to see the light of the day at this year‘s festival. For 16 years already, the specific identity of the festival is being created by Rastko Ciric. This is an opportunity for all the miraculous beings to meet on 16 festival posters which will be exhibited at the Big Gallery.

The festival tradition includes collaboration with students and professionals who create animated jingles and intros, animating the elements of the basic design. The visitors of the exhibition will have a chance to see the intro from the 15th edition of Balkanima made by Stefan Katanic, which was screened at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France.

We are also hosting posters made for Animanima International Animation festival. This festival has been held in Cacak for 13 years already. Each year, festival posters are designed by different artists, who create illustrations and intros. Metaklinika (2007), Igor Ćorić (2008), Miloš Tomić (2009), Miloš Gojković (2010), Mr Stocca (2011), Toma Pan (2012), Metaklinika (2013), Ivan Kostić (2014), Ivan Stojković (2015), Davor Gromilović (2016), Jelena Milunović (2017), Bratislav Milenković (2018), Vuk Palibrk (2019). Animated intro from the 13th edition of Animanima, by Vuk Palibrk will be displayed at the exhibition.


Oct 01 2019


7:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Day 1


Big Gallery
Big Gallery, Dom Kulture "Studentski Grad", Belgrade, Serbia