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Animation and advertising, Milen Alempijević


Car culture

Amidst the general (over)saturation of the global market with all types of products, which has transformed our mercantilist civilisation into a battlefield of sellers to win the soul and the wallet of each and every potential buyer, a product failing to secure a visible advertisement for itself will virtually pass unnoticed. There is no doubt that advertisers are fully aware of this correlation, but for the best players in this field a video clip with memorable contents is more than a tool for efficient sale, it becomes a matter of professional prestige.

Animation and advertising are interlocked in a mutually inspiring interface, with each side responding to creative challenges posed by the other. To have a good idea and to know what to do with it is the winning card which players in both fields base on the fact that animation and special effects can show the impossible, if need be. This new reality in implicit in advertising messages dealing with a car. What better way of sending a message to the buyer that their prospective car is capable of doing impossible things, or at least having features that obviously set it apart from the competition. A mere means of transportation or a working device for some buyers, a status symbol or pleasure found in power performance for others, the car is more than just that form many others: a pet or a member of the family. There is no doubt that the car has become all of this and much more, an inseparable part of the way of living of modern man, both practically and phenomenologically, so much so that we can talk about a car culture in its own right. Advertising in the car industry allows us to perceive a clear albeit delicate transition, as the French philosopher Roland Barthes has observed, from the alchemy of speed to the pleasure of drive.

The advertisers’ messages are sublime and sophisticated, while the masters of animation and special effects transform their suggestiveness into live and often astounding images. This talk will make an attempt at recognising and present to the audience some of the creative approaches in this area.


Oct 05 2019


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Day 5


Small Hall
Small Hall, Dom Kulture "Studentski Grad", Belrgade, Serbia


  • Milen Alempijević
    Milen Alempijević

    Milen Alempijević is artistic director of the ANIMANIMA, international animation festival based in Čačak, Serbia. He is the author of several published books of various genres, and the main works are collection of essays on animated film The Art of Exaggeration: The Notes of a Spectator (2014) and film study The Day Miles Evans Disappeared: Jazz and Film Narration (2016). Editor of the “Jazz”, double-volume thematic issue of the Serbian distinguished art and culture periodical Gradac (No. 183-184, 2012). He is editor of special 2016 DVD edition “Beyond 2000: Contemporary Serbian Animation”. He presented his lecture Jazz & Animated Film at several Europen festivals of animation in Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. Milen works for the Cultural Centre in Čačak as the managing editor of the film and video programme.