Nest, Hungary, 2019, 8:53

She. They. In the empty sphere three bodies encounter. Desire bursts the Nest: Her Pig is observing them. They wander through an infinite emptiness. A couple and she, the woman. They feel an inexplicable bound, in the night, in the world: outside. Their encounter can only occur in the empty room. One by one they can enter the space and find each other again. In their world, they are not completely alone, Pig is observing them. Three bodies, their existence don’t affect the sphere, their world was already complete. And empty. The nest bursts.

Smrt Majke Jugovića / Two Grimm Ravens, Serbia, 2019, 13:43

After a terrible battle, mother is haunted by horrific death scenes of her nine sons and the father of her children. Through her hard emotional journey and the oneiric imagery, we follow the pain and sorrow as well as strength, stamina, and heroism with which the mother endures her misfortunes. Inspired by the motifs of the Serbian medieval poem “Death of Mother Jugovic.”