Smrt Majke Jugovića / Two Grimm Ravens, Serbia, 2019, 13:43

Director: Mihajlo Dragaš

Technique: 3D animation

Script: Mihajlo Dragaš

Animation: Mihajlo Dragaš

Producer: Milan Milosavljević



After a terrible battle, mother is haunted by horrific death scenes of her nine sons and the father of her children. Through her hard emotional journey and the oneiric imagery, we follow the pain and sorrow as well as strength, stamina, and heroism with which the mother endures her misfortunes. Inspired by the motifs of the Serbian medieval poem “Death of Mother Jugovic.”


Born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991. Bachelor of Arts and MA in Animation, Faculty of applied arts, Belgrade, Serbia. Author of four short animated films: “Two Grimm Ravens” (2019), ”ISKON – Anima Aeternam” (2015), ”Vis Dubium” (2014) and ”Sisyphus Carries Sisyphus” (2013), screened and awarded at domestic and international film festivals. In addition to animation, he composes music for films and is actively involved in creation of digital graphic art and drawing. Currently, lives and works in Bor, Serbia.