Смисао / The Meaning, Serbia, 2018, 03:10

Director: Iva Ćirić

Technique: Hand drawn, 2D animation

Script: Iva Ćirić

Animation: Iva Ćirić

Producer: Miloš Ivanović

Contact: 77orhideja@gmail.com


Through visual metaphors and the symbolic language of animation, the film describes Mesa Selimovic‘s philosophical thought on the meaning of life. Inspired by an original audio recording from 1982, the famous Serbian novelist is looking for the answer to the question: “Is there a meaning in life and if there is, where is it…?”


Iva Ćirić (1983) graduated with a degree in Printmaking and Book design at the Faculty of Applied Arts, and has a Ph.D. in Digital Arts from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Nowadays, she has finally found herself in drawing illustrations and directing animated short films. Iva works as an assistant in the Animation department at the FAA. She likes to travel and visit animation festivals all around the world.