Florigami, Serbia, Croatia, 2019, 5:36

Director: Iva Ćirić
Technique: 2D Animation
Script: Iva Ćirić
Animation: Iva Ćirić
Producer: Laure Goasguen
Contact: laure.goasguen@miyu.fr


A lonely white flower grows surrounded by other plants and every day he struggles to survive.


She graduated in 2009 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (illustration department). During her studies, as self-tought, she began to make animations and made three films that were screened at international animated film festivals and got mаny awards. At the moment, she is working on her fourth professionally produced animated film.
Since 2011, she has been working as an Assistant at the Animation Department at the same faculty. Wanting to improve her teaching and lecturing skills, she continued her education at the Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade and in 2015, she finished the Ph.D. in Digital Arts with Video Art “Cyclophony – Women’s Portraits”.
Iva has served on several International Animation Film Festival juries and selection committees. She’s been a member of BALKANIMA (European Animated Film Festival in Belgrade) since 2004 and for many years she was working within the organization team and assisting prof. Nikola Majdak (1927-2013), who was the founder of the festival and its first art director. Since 2014 until today, she has been the Art director of BALKANIMA. Currently, she lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.