Athleticus, Salle d’entrainement, France, 2018, 2:15

Director: Nicolas Deveaux
Technique: 3D animation
Script: Grégory BARANES, Nicolas DEVEAUX Animation: William HOAREAU, Thomas SAEZ, Audrey MILLE, Johann LE POUDER, Simon GARRIOU, Emmanuel GARCIA, Florian ESCUER, Guillaume DEPARIS, Fanny BROTOT, Chloé ADENOT, Jéhiel ABEL, Romain PAMART
Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin


Wild animals compete in athletic events. A new animated series showcasing comical or poetic situations, but always offbeat.


Nicolas Deveaux is an author and director from Supinfocom Valenciennes in France. For the past 15 years, he has been working at Cube Creative, creating stories showing realistic animals and environments for TV commercials, giant screen documentaries and edutainment films for museums and theme parks.