АЛМА / Alma, Serbia, 2018, 7:44

Director: Demir Mekić, Nebojša Petrović
Technique: combined technique
Script: Demir Mekić
Animation: Nebojša Petrović i grupa mladih učenisnika radionice
Producer: Nevena Nikolić, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
Contact: nebopet@gmail.com


Alma is the result of working with young people in three communities (Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Prijepolje) and dealing with the subjects of gender, gender norms and gender-based violence. This animated film imposes the questions of oppressive gender patterns, through a symbolic depiction of specific prohibitions and desired behavior when it comes to women. The participants had an opportunity do conduct different types of intervention on the photographs of the actresses from the film, through drawing and coloring. That way, the young people were symbolically adding their views on how girls should look today and participating in their gender representation, just like the society does it through its agents of socialization in real life.


Demir Mekic graduated from Faculty of Phylosophy , Department of Sociology. Demir works in the field of non-formal education, educating and empowering various vulnerable groups. He uses creative methodologies in his work, especially applied theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed.
Nebojša Petrović was born in Sarajevo. Graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Applied Graphics Department. Works in fields of animation, illustration, mural painting, graphic design, photography. Also works with children and youth in formal and non-fromal education.