Petak / Friday, 9.10.2015.
Small Hall, 16h

Retrospective of Contemporary Greek Animated Film

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of creation of the first Greek animated film (1945-2015), the Greek Animated Film Association – ASIFA Greece (a Greek branch of International Animated Film Association) is organising domestic and international screenings of the most successful Greek animated films. The Hellenic Foundation for Culture in cooperation with ASIFA Greece and ‘Studentski Grad’ Cultural Centre is organising a retrospective of nine most representative Greek animated films, created between 2011 and 2014, along with a lecture of an author and historian Vassilis Karamitsanis, the Chairman of the ASIFA Greece Management Board.

2011_deconstruction 001
Деконструкција / Deconstruction
Spiros Pandazis, 5:00, 2011

2012_Why can't you just see me
Зашто ме не видиш? /Why can’t you just see me?
Eleni Tomadaki, 2:42, 2012

Човек у кутији / Man in a Box
Ilijas Papastamatiju, 4:36, 2012

2013_knight still 1
Konj / Horse
Tanasis Radolgu, 4:43, 2013

2013_Head Hunter
Ловац на главе / Head Hunter
Hristos Papandreopulos, 2:00, 2013

2014_My Stuffed Granny
Моја пуњена бака / My Stuffed Granny
Efi Papa, 10:00, 2014

Вечера за неколико / Dinner For Few
Νasos Vakalis, 10:00, 2014

2014_A Portrait - Aristotelis Maragkos_00297
Портрет / A Portrait
Αristotelis Marangos, 2:00, 2014