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Četvrtak / Thursday, 8.10.2015.
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Slovenian animation: There is hope!

Certain tendencies in the history of Slovenian film are stubborn and keep recurring no matter how the institutions or even the social system change. One of these has been the unfortunate neglect of Slovenian animated film in spite of the emergence of authors from various periods who were able to achieve widespread acclaim, and the work of noted foreign authors who were active in this space as well, for example those from the Zagreb school of animated film or distinguished Polish artists during the sixties. Independent Slovenia did receive its first feature length animated film, Socialization of a Bull (1998) created by Milan Erič and Zvonko Čoh, but the project took eight years to complete and was sooner the result of immense perseverance rather than proper development directives. Subsequent results have further proven these tendencies as we have not had a second feature animated film in the next fifteen years. Feature length animation, though, is just one part of the story. The growth of animated film relies heavily on seriality, and in Slovenia its occurrence remains sporadic. Most fortunate in this regard was the animated series Bojan the Bear (made by the artist tandem Dušan Bovh-Branko Ranitović) which ran for nearly three decades, while Hillbillies created by Marjan Manček in the eighties and Bizgeci conceived by Grega Mastnak in the new millennium had a much shorter time in the spotlight. Why was Bojan the Bear so successful? One of the key circumstances in its international appeal was certainly the fact that the loveable bear painter was mute and allowed distributors and foreign television houses to save money on dubbing.

The uncharacteristic development policy of this project also benefitted from an agreement from the seventies that bound the national film producer Viba film to commit to the “enrichment of television programming”. The reason this agreement did not result in a greater number of animated series was one of financing, as the same fund was also available to authors of short live-action and documentary films. Because a consensus on whether to develop the adult or children’s section of animation couldn’t be reached, the field was more often than not left behind. Today, the development policy of Slovenian animated film is the charge of the Slovenian Film Center. The overall financial situation is worse than it was in the times of the former national producer and its agreement with what was then the public television. Through public tenders from 2011 onwards, RTV Slovenia was supposed to contribute to a greater number of Slovenian feature films intended for cinema screening, but this is yet to happen in practice. At the Slovenian Film Center, we are thus considering the establishment of project-specific tenders that would allow each category of short film to attain funding and facilitate their development on equal terms. In recent years, the Film Fund of the RS and later on the Slovenian Film Center have supported animated films by numerous new and promising authors: from Dušan Kastelic, Grega Mastnak and Nejc Saje to Kolja Saksida, Špela Čadež and Boris Dolenc. This time around, the panels were successful in identifying talent, but artists encounter difficulties upon completing their first project and wishing to make the next one in better conditions which are hard to establish in the national audiovisual environment.

Be- konj
Бе / Be
Marjan Manček, 8:00, 2003

Бизгеци – песници / The Beezes – Poets
Grega Mastnak, 5:00, 2006

Прдавци – љубав је у ваздуху / Bravefarts – Love is in the Air
Polona Sepe, Vladimir Leben, Uroš Goričan, 6:40, 2006

Сунце, сунце / Sun Sun
Matej Lavrenčič, Gorazd Bizjak, Miha Perne, 4:33, 2005

Тражи се / Wanted
Boris Dolenc, 10:00, 2012

Принц Ки-Ки-До и стотину несрећних печурки / Prince Ki-Ki-Do and One Hundred Unhappy Mushrooms
Grega Mastnak, 3:51, 2013

Срећан рођендан / Happy Birthday
Damir Grbanović, 4:05, 2014

Смрт / Death
Mitja Manček, 4:00, 2008

Каталена: та алдовска / Katalena: Ta aldowska
Živa Moškrič, 5:22, 2009

Егон Клобук / Egon Klobuk
Igor Šinkovec, 2:35, 2012

Путовање бродом Бигл – Армадило / The Voyage of the Beagle – Armadillo
Jernej Lunder, 10:42, 2013

Koyaa 1
Коља – необични / Koyaa – The Extraordinary
Kolja Saksida, 3:00, 2011

Болес / Boles
Špela Čadež, 12:00, 2013