MASTER CLASS Toons & Tunes

Sreda / Wednesday, 7.10.2015.
Small Hall, 18h

Master Class by Nancy Denney Phelps

In their program Toons and Tunes, composer and producer Nik and Nancy Phelps take you time travelling through the history of animation, focusing on the relationship between animation and music. On this voyage, they conduct a lively discussion on the stylistic visions of the directors and composers, telling many enlightening stories on interesting topics, filling you in on fascinating titbits about the films and their production. Their company, Sprocket Productions, creates original music for animators and filmmakers of all types, and with his group the Sprocket Ensemble, Nik also conducts live musical performances with film.

1 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 1
Ја вечито правим куле од пескаI’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
Max Fleischeр, 6:00, 1929.

3 Joie de vivre 2
Радост животаJoie de Vivre,
Anthony Gross, 11:00, 1934.

4 Page Miss Glory
Зовите Мис ГлориPage Miss Glory
Fred Tex Avery, 7:00, 1936.

5 Allegretto 1
Oskar Fischinger, 3:00, 1936/1942.

6 Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom
Труба, кларинет, виолина и добошToot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom
Ward Kimbell, C. August Nichols, 10:00, 1953.

7 Furies
Sara Petty, 3:00, 1979.

8 Totem
Тотем Totem
Stacey Steers, 11:00, 1998.

9 Bathtime in Clerkenwell
Време за купање на КларкенвелуBathtime at Clerkenwell
Alexei Budovsky, 3:00, 2002.

10 Fetch! 2
Nina Paley, 5:00, 2001.

A scene from LOVE & THEFT, playing in the Best of Annecy shorts program at the San Francisco International Animation Festival November 11-14, at Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema.
Љубав и крађаLove and Theft
Andreas Hykade, 6:00, 2012.