1.1. Balkanima Festival is a European Animated Film Festival. It is held every year in the first or second week of October in organization of Academic Film Center of Students City Cultural Center and under support of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia and Ministry of Culture and Information Republic of Serbia.
1.2. Goal of the festival is to present authors of (short) animated films from European continent and also support to the authors (short) animated film from Southeast Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Albania, Moldova and Turkey).
1.3. Festival Balkanima 2016 will be held from 4th till 8th of October 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.
1.4. Festival has three competition programs:
-short animated film (25 min max)
-student animated film (film school work)
-children program (films made for children)
-film school or workshop (program of films)*
*Film school or workshop needs to send at least 4 films to be considered as a program of films.
1.5. Films which are not selected by selection committee for competition programs can be presented in additional programs.
2.1. Animated films of European production which are not longer than 25 minutes, made by frame by frame technique, computer animation and combination of live footage and animation where complete part of live footage doesn’t exceed 50% of complete film length are eligible for festival screening.
2.2. Films must be produced after 1st August 2015 to be eligible for festival.
2.3. Films from non-European countries cannot participate in competition programs but can be presented in additional programs by art director decision.
2.4. Author can submit more than one film as they correspond with rules and regulations.
2.5. For submitting and screening of films festival doesn’t charge fees.
2.6. All submitted films stay in festival archive for a research of history and theory of animation.
3.1. On line entry form you can find on internet site of the festival
3.2. Deadline for submission of films is 10th August 2015 (date of postmark)
3.3. Films for selection need to be sent via web link for preview (vimeo or dropbox) or in a DVD PAL video format.
3.4. For all questions you can contact us on e-mail address
3.5. All films must have English subtitles except if English is not main language of the film.
3.6. Detailed instructions about upload of a screening copy will be send together with selection results.
3.7. Film copy together with entry ID number send us to the address below (if you are sending us DVD copy):
Dom Kulture Studentski Grad
Bulevar Zorana Đinđica 179
11070 Novi Beograd
4.1. Jury and selection committee are composed of domestic and foreign experts and teachers from the field of animation, film and other art disciplines.
4.2. Jury of main competition program consists of three members.
4.3. Jury of student competition program consists of three members.
4.4. Selection committee consists of three members.
4.5. Selection committee can move submitted film to the other category for which film was applied in case that film is suitable to the other competition program, all in favor of the author and his work.
4.6. Decisions of selection committee will be announced on 5th of September 2016. These decisions are irrefutable.