Presenting Jury: Boban Savić – GETO


19 Galeb Dzonatan Livingston

The author of the exhibition submitted the following short text:

The exhibition Welcome to Geto 4 encompasses works created during last twenty years. The exhibition will showcase illustrations, comics, film and video production designs, as well as traditional drawings, which, as a common element, pervade these only seemingly disparate media…  

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It is all true,but modesty aside, it should be pointed out that Boban Savić, mysteriously named Geto, is one of our most diligent and important illustrators, comics creator and an author of diverse talents, highest accomplishments and considerable influence. His works pervade temporal media, such as film and animation, too…  Besides his work on animated music videos, he was an art director and special effect supervisor for the most expensive Serbian feature film“Charleston for Ognjenka”, in which his contribution is visible in numerous frames shifted from reality and where he was engaged as an imaginative illustrator and media expert. As a painter and drawer, he is equally skilful in traditional art techniques as he is in computer programmes for image processing and film compositing.

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During the studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, he thoroughly mastered the secrets of painting, from the outer depictions to the finest psychological nuances. He has skilfully used those skills in all his illustrations and comics, which,along with animation, I consider the most complex art medium, which requires a personality of diverse talents. At his master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, not only did he demonstrate the richness of his illustration skills, but the aptitude for theoretical reflections; the theoretical part of his master thesis “On illustration”, I consider an important, original and referential work for the development of this profession. This has been proved by his citation index, which indicates that he has been quoted in numerous written works by other authors. Geto’s “one of a kind” comics album “Order of Chaos”, created for a French publisher and, unfortunately, still not available in Serbia, represents the culmination and certainly one of the highest achievements in comics created by a Serbian author.

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Geto’s life’s opus is waiting for its voluminous monograph, which would engage a team of critics, essayist and art historians. He is an exceptional multi-media author who succeeded in connecting and reconciling visuality with communicativeness, painting with applied graphic art, exceptional practical skills with theoretical thought and considerable technological knowledge with visual spirituality.

Welcome to Welcome to Geto 4, the fourth Geto’s retrospective exhibition.

Rastko Ćirić