JURY 2015


Glavni ziri 1 Dusan Kastelic     Glavni ziri 2 Nancy Denney Phelps     

Dušan Kastelic works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, animator, author of comics and programmer of computer games. His first attempt in 3D computer animation and his first short animation film was Perk (2002), a video spot which was conceived in a collaboration with the polka-punk band Orlek. His latest animated film Chicory ‘n’ Coffee (2008) kicked off at the festivals and snce then it has been travelling around the globe and has received numerous awards: the Pilar Bardem Award at the Cineposible Festival, the Best Animated Film Award at the International Film Festival in San Joaquin, the Best Animation Short and Special Jury Prize at the animation festival Mundos Digitales, the Best Animation at the 22nd Foyle Film Festival, and the Best Film at the Levante International Film Festival.

Nancy Denney-Phelps is a journalist writing about European animation and festivals as well as a producer of music for animation. Along with her composer/musician husband Nik Phelps, she co-founded the Sprocket Ensemble dedicated to presenting live performances of original music with screenings of contemporary animation from around the world. Nancy’s writings have appeared in such publications as CARTOON and ANIMATOON as well as on her regular blog for AWN (Animation World Network). She is also a regular correspondent for ASIFA/San Francisco and a member of the ASIFA International Board of Directors. Nancy has served on numerous International Animation Festival juries and taught time management for animators at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Art and Design. Her strong interest in the history of animation has led her to present programs on the history of animation traced through music at many animation festivals and conferences worldwide. She also works as advisor to several animation festivals.

GETO Boban Savić (1972) graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts in 1997 and completed his master studies, under the mentorship of Rastko Ćirić, at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts in 2000. He has worked as a professional illustrator since 1993. He is also involved in creation of concept art and art supervision in video and film production.




Coke Riobóo (1971) musician, composer and animator. He has directed and animated three shortfilms Noise of the World (2013), Said’s Journey (2006), The TV Viewer (2001) and a web series, composed the soundtrack of several shortfilms and three feature films, and has taught animation workshops around the world. Winner of a Goya Award for his 2006 shortfilm Said´s Journey (2006).

Marica Kicušić (1988) gradated from the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, at the Applied Graphics Department, in 2011. She is a freelance artist and a member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia. Her spheres of interest include: combination of applied and fine arts – animation, illustration of books for children, digital and traditional graphics, digital collage, poster design, mural painting, drawing, painting and video. She has participated in over 70 domestic and international exhibitions and festivals, where she has won numerous awards. She lives and works at Vrnjačka Banja.

Miroslav Lj. Jelić (1955) studied at the Belgrade Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. He is an animator and an animated film director, who has directed 12 films and numerous animated TV commercials and received domestic and international awards. He is a member of the Serbian Film Artists Association and ASIFA – the International Association Of Animators.




Miloš Tomić (1976) having graduated from the Department of Film Directing in the class of Miša Radivojević, he acquired MA and PhD degree at FAMU in Prague. For a time, he was a visiting student at UDK Berlin and has produced works in a variety of media: collage, photography, radiophony, drawing, object, writing, music… However, film and video remain his main medium of expression. So far, his participation in countless festivals worldwide has brought him a number of awards and recognitions, prompting him to travel extensively. He was the representative of Serbia at the 2013 Venice Biennale, and has staged around thirty workshops around the world. For the past five years, Miloš has been a professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade.

Marija Milanović Lazarevski graduated from the ”Dunav Film” Film School, Animation Department, in the class of Professor Rastko Ćirić, with her film ”Shadow and Her Man”. The film has won the Golden Award at the 49th Festival of Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film, the Grand Prix – Golden Peg Bar at the Festival in Čačak and numerous other awards. She is the author of ”The Naive Story”, ”The Origin of Lily”, ”The Astronaut Wanderer”, ”Mixed Memories”, which have also won numerous awards and been selected for numerous domestic and international film festivals. She is a member of the Association of Serbian Film Artists. Since 2003, she has been running the Animated Film Workshop at the Belgrade Children Cultural Centre, which produced ”Silly Camera”, ”Pastimes”, ”Olives”, ”The Sea” and many other films for children. She has designed over ten campaigns for the international manifestation ”Joy of Europe”.

Mihajlo Dragaš (1991) was born at Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, he is completing his master studies of animation at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts. He is an author of three animated films ”ISKON – Anima Aeternam” (2015), ”Vis Dubium” (2014) and ”Sisyphus Carries Sisyphus” (2013), screened at domestic and international film festivals. In addition to animation, he composes music for his films and is actively involved in creation of graphic art and drawing.